Juliane Solvång is an artisan and visual storyteller, based in Erfurt, Germany.

With a degree in puppetry and performing arts, Juliane graduated from Ernst Busch Academy in Berlin in 2003. Since then she has been working both as a puppeteer and as a scenographer for theatres such as Nationaltheater Mannheim, Figurentheater St. Gallen, TJG Dresden, Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Theater Basel, Figurteateret i Nordland as well as for a number of theatre festivals in Scandinavia, Switzerland and Germany and as a lecturer for children’s literature at Erfurt university. After having worked for two years as a guest artist at Theater Waidspeicher, the puppet theatre of the city of Erfurt, Juliane permanently joined the ensemble as an actress and puppeteer in the summer of 2022.

In 2007, Juliane began to create custom made, bespoke cloth dolls for clients based in America, Europe and Asia and has taught dollmaking in Sweden, Germany, the UK and Netherlands. Juliane works as content creator for DIY projects for a various number of clients. As an editor and photographer for magazines and websites, she is always looking for interesting stories to tell about two of her favourite topics: Biodiversity and cultural life.

In 2013, Juliane started The One Bouquet per Day project, a long term series of daily self-portraits as a creative exercise of picking one bouquet of (wild) flowers a day. Her project quickly gained broad attention and is being followed by more than 20K Instagram followers around the world. Juliane cherishes the simple and authentic, and  loves natural light to capture unfiltered moments with a Scandi touch, inspired from living in the Swedish countryside. Her photo series has been featured in Flow Magazine (NL), Top Magazin Thüringen, MDR Kultur, The Sunday Times, the Norwegian DI Weekend Magasin, Hjemmet, Feels like Erfurt, Gardenista, Radio Eins, SPON, ze.tt, Allers Trädgård, SisterMag, Let it bloom Magazine, among others. As a member of the Swedish non-profit organisation Sustainable Influencers, Juliane holds lectures with focus on sustainable lifestyle and biodiversity, offers flower walks and classes in edible flowers, plant dyes and floral arrangements. 

In 2019, Juliane moved from her farmhouse in the south of Sweden to the beautiful city of Erfurt, Germany. Besides her theatre work as a freelancer and at Waidspeicher Puppet Theatre, she is currently focusing on a book project as well as on her One Bouquet per Day series.